A full agenda, a busy job, bringing kids to school… We can all use a little extra energy. The amount of energy we have, for a big part determines how much we can do in a day. But how do we ensure an energetic and fresh start of the day? With our useful tips you can boost your body and mind, making every day more productive.

Start the evening prior

If you do not have enough time in the morning you can start preparing your outfit the evening before. Setting aside the ingredients for your breakfast may also save you some time in the morning.

Make sure you get enough sleep

Ideally we need 8 hours of sleep, but this isn’t always feasible. For a good night’s rest, try not to eat or drink alcohol in the last 2 hours before you go to bed. Watching TV or scrolling on your phone will also keep you from sleeping.

Take a cold shower

A short, cold shower is ideal to wake up. You can also start with warm water and turning it to cold before getting out of the shower. Cold water doesn’t just wake you up, it’s also good for your body and mind. A cold shower reduces stress, slows down inflammations and is good for your blood circulation and immune system. The foaming shower gels by Umami ensure you start your day with a fresh feeling. Enjoy the refreshing fragrances of Woody Lemons or Fresh Leaves while cleansing your skin in a mild way.


A morning meditation helps to let go of negative thoughts, so that you can start your day energetic and refreshed with a positive mindset. Meditations don’t need to be long, 5 to 10 minutes is already enough. Morning yoga exercises can also help to start your day relaxed and happy.

Be grateful

What are you grateful for? Think about your life for a second, what are the things you are happy to have in your life. We are often driven by thoughts about what we lack or what can be better. But this often leads to us feeling down. Take a moment to be grateful for the things you have, even the smallest things. Really take your time, the more often you do this the happier and more positive you will be.

Always eat breakfast

There is a reason breakfast is being referred to as the most important meal of the day. It kickstarts your metabolism and helps stabilize your blood sugar level. Take time for your breakfast and enjoy this moment before you head out. Start with a glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon to activate your liver. For a healthy breakfast, opt for products like oats, nuts, fruits, homemade smoothies or eggs and try to avoid added sugars.

Physical exercise

Physical exercise also gives you energy. If your situation allows, don’t take the car but instead walk or bike to your job. A short walk in the morning is also enough to refresh your body and mind. For the energetic people and fanatics amongst us: go running or visit the gym before going to work.

Go through your agenda

Start your workday by going through your agenda. That way you immediately know where your priorities should be which allows you to work more efficiently.

Enjoy your morning!

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