Changes in temperatures, dry air, repeatedly washing our hands (especially now) they all dry out our hands. What’s more important to you when you choose a nourishing hand cream? Is it the scent that’s important to you or do you know which ingredients are important to prevent your hands from drying out further?

Dry and cracked hands are things you may have to deal with this autumn and winter. Temperatures indoors and outdoors may vary greatly, so could the humidity. The drier the air is the more moisture is being taken from the skin.  In the coming seasons we tend to turn on the heater and keep our windows shut so its nice and warm inside. Those large differences in temperature and humidity make it hard for our skins to adept.

Those swings in temperature and humidity are already bad for our hands, but repeatedly washing them on top of the already poor condition most certainly won’t help. By repeatedly using water and (scented) soaps our hands will continue to dry out. Disinfecting hand gels are alcohol based and even though they work well, the alcohol in them also dry out our hands. By repeatedly washing our hands, they don’t have enough time to restore. So how can we protect our hands?

Many people aren’t used to using hand creams. These tend to often feel oily and do not absorb immediately. Which is a unpleasant feeling when you are working with your hands. Nothing is as annoying as having your fingers slip and slide all over your keyboard. But hand creams are oh-so important to keep your hands healthy.

So when you buy a hand cream pay attention to the ingredients that are in it. Every day hand creams often contain ingredients such as paraffine. Paraffine is just a temporary solutions, what you should really be looking for is a hand cream with natural ingredients. The rich hand creams by UMAMI are enriched with allantoin which nourishes and hydrates your hands. Moreover, UMAMI’s hand creams absorb quickly and make your skin feel supple.

Do you work a lot with your hands? Then they deserve some attention at the end of a long day at work with a relaxing and nourishing massage. Here are some on tips on how to massage your hands yourself:

Place your elbow on a table and massage every finger with your hand cream.

Start at the top of your hand and slowly work your way down.

Continue by massaging the thenar webspace (the skin between your thumb and index finger), using your other hand.

Finish by making circular motions with the thumb of your other hand, start at the top of the palm of your hand and work your way down to the bottom.

Take care!

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