Temperatures are dropping, leaves are starting to fall from trees and days get shorter and darker. Sigh… You’re mood is changing with the weather, you don’t feel like doing anything and you feel down in general. Are you sensitive to the autumn blues? Get rid of those dark clouds above your head and make yourself glow as if its summer again, with these useful tips you will beat the autumn blues.

Go outside and exercise

Your summer was packed with adventurous trips and now you’re suddenly laying on the couch watching tv. As much as we all love binge watching it is not a good remedy for autumn blues, what you need the most is daylight. That is why going outside and breathing in fresh air is a much better solution. Not only do we get vitamin D from the sun our body also produces an increased amount of serotonin, a hormone that makes us happy. So go outside for at least an hour a day – take a stroll through your neighbourhood or venture out in the forest, take your dog for a walk or go running, all of these really boost your mindset.

Drink enough and eat healthy

Don’t let your body dry out and make sure you supply it with enough liquid as you would in summer. Drinking and eating properly contributes to a positive mood. It gives you more energy, which is something you can really use. Hop on your bike and prepare your shopping list which includes things like spinach, sweet potato, eggs, walnuts, peanut butter, turkey, peppers and maybe a little chocolate to cheer up your mood.


And yes, if in the coming months we are spending more and more time at home, we at least have to make sure our houses are cosy. Buy some candles and spread them throughout the house or gift yourself a wonderful roomspray or a luxurious reed diffuser by UMAMI. Hmmm, can you already imagine a wonderful smelling house for the weeks to come? An extra blanket, a new carpet or maybe some lovely plants, they can all contribute to creating a cosy home sweet home feeling.

Think positively and spread the love

Trees are turning orange, the sky is turning pink and nature is releasing wonderful scents. Autumn also has its pretty sides. Enjoy the little things! Sharing your love and enthusiasm with others makes you feel better doesn’t it? So why not prepare a nice meal for your parents, help your grandfather with his smartphone or support a charity.

Treat yourself

Why not spoil yourself this autumn. This can be anything from a nice lunch to those boots you’ve always wanted. But don’t just buy yourself gifts, also make time for things that you like to do! Why not spoil yourself by going to a spa with your friends or by going to your favourite hairdresser or beauty specialist. Another great idea would be to create your own spa at home in your bathroom with some music, a nice glass of wine or bubbles and a relaxing bath with the wonderful products by UMAMI.

Enjoy autumn!

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