Do you know that feeling when you go to a hotel or a boutique and you are hit by a delightful scent when you enter? It is no secret that a nice smell has a big and positive influence on people. A delightful scent can literally turn your mood upside down. So why not make your house smell just as nice and inviting?

A pleasant atmosphere is mostly tied to the layout of our house, but a pleasant smell can play a big role. Think of freshly baked apple pie or buns that just got out of the oven, fresh flowers, freshly mowed grass, the fresh scent of morning dew or just a delightful fragrance of someone walking by.

For someone who likes to have his rooms lightly perfumed, fragrance sticks are an ideal way. You place these reed sticks in a special liquid (diffuser) after which the stick absorbs the smell and disperses this around the room. Reed diffusers are a stylish and easy way to make your house smell nice. If you want the fragrance to be more intense we recommend occasionally flipping the reed sticks upside down. Do note that if you flip them regularly the oil won’t last as long.

Think about the atmosphere you would like to create. Do you want a luxurious scent? Or rather something energetic and fresh? Have you decided where you would like to place them?

The fragrance sticks by UMAMI are excellent at creating the atmosphere you want. They are available in several unique fragrance combinations: lotus & jasmine (Pure Blossoms), lemon & cedarwood (Woody Lemons) and vanilla & saffron (Sweet Spices).

The robust square bottles by UMAMI are a stylish way to disperse a delightful fragrance in your house. The square bottle fits well with the interior in modern households.

Tip: Cut used sticks into small bits and suck them up with a vacuum cleaner for a delightful smell while vacuum cleaning. Not recommended with all vacuum cleaners.

Fill your home with your favourite fragrance to create your own atmosphere, enjoy!

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