Nothing is more enjoyable than a home that smells nice, right? Whether it’s a fresh or a flowery scent, that’s just personal preference… But nonetheless everyone likes a delightfully smelling room, whether it’s your living room, hallway, toilet, bathroom or bedroom a delightful fragrance adds a little more atmosphere to any room. Here are two options that Umami has to offer.

Reed diffusers

Reed diffusers are an ideal way to give your house a luxurious and warm atmosphere. The fragrance sticks by Umami come in a nice package, which includes a stylish glass bottle filled with a perfume. Unwrap the package and put the reed stick in the glass bottle with its fragrance and you are all good to go! Don’t forget to find a nice place to put down your glass bottle. The best part about reed diffusers is that they are so easy and safe to use that you can put them pretty much anywhere.

When you put the reed sticks inside the bottle you need to have a little bit of patience so that the sticks can absorb the fragrance. As soon as the sticks have absorbed the fragrance they will disperse the fragrance throughout your room, if you want your scent to stay more intense we recommend occasionally flipping the sticks upside down.

Home fragrance

By using a home fragrance, also known as a roomspray, your room will smell nice in no time. Almost everyone uses a roomspray to create a relaxed atmosphere with a specific scent.

The Umami roomspray disperses a delightful perfume in every room of your house, from living room to office. Even a small amount is enough for an intense fragrance experience! If you spray a little bit in your linen closet, you’ll be surprised by a pleasant smell every time you open your closet, even your bedsheets will smell delightful.

Enjoy our delightful fragrances!

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