Temperatures are rising and it looks to become a sunny summer. Is your skin just as summer ready as you are? Summer is the moment to adjust your skin care. Do you want to discover how to get a summer proof skin? These summer tips will immediately give you a healthy summer glow!

All about the aqua

Cliché or not, it is important to drink enough water. When you drink water, your skin will feel less dry and look a lot healthier. So hydrate yourself, having healthy skin allows your skin to restore quicker and better! Tired of drinking tap water? Add some colourful fruits or green mint leaves for a healthy, low calorie flavour.

Self tan

Getting that summer tan is also possible without sunbathing for hours. There are a variety of tanning products out there, for example tanning drops. These drops are easy to combine with your day cream or the UMAMI Body Cream. Getting a tint that matches your body couldn’t be easier.

Day & Night

Your face is actually the body part which is most exposed to sunlight and UV rays. All the better to protect it day & Night. Making sure your skin stays hydrated is especially important. Preferably by using a face cream with a sunblock, these offer an effective protection against the sun and prevent premature skin ageing. But don’t forget that no matter what day cream you have, sunscreen is still the best protection against the sun! After a day full of sun, a nourishing and hydrating night cream is a must. These help your skin restore its natural glow and structure.


Be honest, we don’t scrub nearly enough. Our skin sheds dead skin cells on a daily basis but some may linger on the skin. By scrubbing our bodies with the UMAMI Body Scrub with 100% natural strawberry seeds we can remove these dead skin cells in a gentle way. When we scrub our skin will feel softer and healthier and the most important thing is that we will tan faster, more evenly and our tan will last longer! Scrubbing is even more important if you wish to use a self tanning lotion. By scrubbing you get a smooth result without spotting.

Apply cream

When we apply a nice cream or sunscreen with the right SPF protection, we ensure our skin doesn’t burn and our tan lasts longer. Don’t forget that most sunscreens need to be applied 30 minutes beforehand and repeated every 2 hours in order to work optimally.

Normally showering after a day to the beach or a pool is an ideal way to relax, but a cold or warm shower is not recommended if you have sunburns. Shower with a mild temperature ideally between 30 to 35 degrees. Use the Umami Foaming Shower Gel, this translucent gel transforms into a delightful foam that feels silky-soft on your skin. Your skin will relax, feel cool and sand, chlorine and sweat will be washed away.

Applying a cream after sunbathing is very important as well! The hydrating Body Cream by UMAMI with shea butter is a real treat to the skin. Applying a cream in the evening or at night is important to hydrate and restore our skin overnight. Doing so results in a healthy looking skin that stays tanned longer.

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