We all use deodorant but some of us need it more than others. Everyone sweats but excessive sweating can be a big problem. Sweat actually doesn’t have any smell, but the combination of sweat with bacteria produces the odour we all dislike. Sweating is actually good for the body (it’s the body’s natural response to regulate its temperature), but no one likes wet armpits and the odour that follows.

An anti-perspirant is not the same as a deodorant. An anti-perspirant actually blocks sweat glands, stopping sweat production. It might sound a little bit technical but anti-perspirants contain metallic salts that react with the keratin in our skin, it forms a roadblock on the glands that prevents sweat from passing.

A deodorant on the other hand does not prevent sweating, but instead tackles bacteria on the skin and masks the odour. A “normal” deodorant often contains triclosan or alcohol and quite a lot of aromatic fragrances.

If you really want to stop sweating, it’s better to use an anti-perspirant. The mild and nourishing anti-perspirant spray by UMAMI blocks sweating and unwanted odours for up to 24 hours. It is suited for all skin types and available in four surprising fragrance combinations: Woody Lemons, Pure Blossoms, Sweet Spices and Fresh leaves.

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