1. Bathing helps reduce cortisol levels, the stress related hormone which leads to acne and skin ageing.
  2. Warm water can help your aching muscles relax, so a warm bath is an ideal way to relax your body.
  3. A bath cleanses you just as well as a shower would. Warm bathwater even helps to open your pores allowing you to really thoroughly clean your face.
  4. It has been scientifically proven that a warm bath can lower your sugar levels (which usually rises after eating). Having lower sugar levels is healthier and takes away your urge to snack.
  5. Warm baths are good for the winterblues. When we take a warm bath, the warm water helps our body release serotonins, these “happy hormones” are what makes us feel so happy after a relaxing bath.
  6. Warm water does dry out your skin. All the more important to use nourishing products when taking a relaxing bath. The body scrub and foaming shower gel by UMAMI make your skin silky-smooth. After bathing you can apply a hydrating shea butter based body cream.
  7. Bathing is a moment to relax, are your thoughts all over the place? Then listen to the Breathe exercise, available on the Headspace app in the play store. Make sure your phone doesn’t drop or slide into the water though!

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