Winter, a season full of joy, good company, good food, and playing games in front of the chimney with a mug of hot chocolate. This ideal picture of the coldest period of the year almost makes it sound as if the winter is nothing but fun. But what about winter’s most annoying consequence, dry skin? We have some winter tips for your skin so you can optimally enjoy all the great things this season has to offer.

Keep your skin hydrated

In the cold winter months your skin needs to put in extra effort to stay hydrated. So why not offer a helping hand! How you may ask? By regularly applying a hydrating cream or lotion and drinking enough of water.


Scrub, scrub and scrub again! By scrubbing you remove dead skin cells which stimulates your blood circulation and helps your skin restore itself. Scrubbing can easily become a part of your shower routine. However, we do not recommend scrubbing daily, instead scrub once or twice a week.

Shave in the evening

While most men shave in the morning (which is usually the ideal moment), shaving in the evening in the winter has its advantages. By doing so your skin has all the time in the world to restore itself while you are sleeping. It also allows you to make your morning routine shorter, just apply a moisturiser (because hydration) and your good to go.

Protect against “windburn”

Another reason to shave in the evening during chilly weather, or at least to optimally protect, is windburn. When the skin’s natural protection layer with skin own oils is affected by shaving, moisture levels within the skin drop. Making your skin more susceptible to the dehydrating effects of wind and UV-radiation. Your skin will suffer from windburns, something you wouldn’t expect with these weather conditions. So after you shave, use an aftershave balm and/or apply a good moisturiser throughout the day. This way you optimally protect your skin against dry and cold air.

Use an aftershave cream or lotion

Another product which helps is an aftershave cream. Now you might be wondering, “Doesn’t that always help?” That is definitely true but it’s even more beneficial when it is Winter. Shaving cream protects your skin and softens your beard, making shaving a lot easier and more pleasant. Not disrupting the epidermal layer of your chin benefits you when it’s cold and windy outside. The nourishing vegan shaving cream by Umami, which is based on coconut oil and incense grains, is ideal for a sensitive skin.

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