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Caring hands

Your hands deserve all the attention they need because we use them for pretty much everything. Give your hands the daily rest, hydration & care that they need.

You are loved

Treat your loved one or yourself with an ultimate giftset by Umami cosmetics. Choose between different giftsets and surprise him or her with a unique fragrance experience.

De-stress your mind & body

Pamper yourself to recover from the daily grind. Dream away with a unique fragrance experience & unwind completely.

Style your home with an unique fragrance

Transform your interior into a complete oasis of tranquillity & enjoy a luxurious journey with unique fragrances.

Umami blog

Do you want to stay up to date with all the latest news about body care? Then definitely read our blogs. Scroll down for the latest updates or click on “read more” for a glansen at our archive.


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